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police-risk-management.com/order/accessing/dewis-app-per.php Kent Conwell. A Melungeon beauty, the sister of an old boyhood chum, comes to private eye Tony Boudreaux, hoping he can help clear her brother's name.

Tony takes the case out of a sense of loyalty but has no idea that the trail will lead to the underbelly of smuggling and drugs in the seamy intrigue of New Orleans's gangland and to the man responsible for the professional execution of his young cousin several months earlier.

Forced to go undercover, Tony fashions a cover story that will usher him into the confidence of Bones Guilbeaux, the cold-eyed leader of a diabolical band of smugglers who kill without compunction.

His pursuit of the killer leads him through a labyrinth of dark halls, hidden courtyards, secret rooms, and narrow passages where he frantically tries to stay one step ahead of those he pursues. His love for the West came naturally, for his grandfather had run away from his Tennessee home when he was 14, bull-whacking his way to the Panhandle where he met his future wife, who had traveled from Illinois to Texas.

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But when the body of a prominent banker is discovered in the belly of a sixteen-foot alligator and Tony agrees to look into the incident, death latches onto his scent like a cottonmouth water moccasin stalking a wounded swamp rabbit. Deep in the dark bayou, surrounded by bellowing alligators, Tony learns the truth he hated to admit while trying to unravel the mystery of the banker's murder. The Swamps of Bayou Teche.

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Kent Conwell. Even as a child listening to the hushed, fearful stories told around dying fires of the loup garous that prowled the Louisiana prairies and ghosted through dark swamps, Tony Boudreaux always viewed them with the skepticism of an enlightened individual. Cauchemars turning living creatures, both human and animal, into supernatural beings was the fodder of middle age ignorance.