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The perfidy of Ralston Farnsley and his cohorts has placed a black mark upon this office, and so, leaderless, those that remain shall retire to our respective principalities.

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For all you true sons of Noxus, consider this your rallying call. The League of Legends has shown that even their halls are not impenetrable to anarchists and conspirators.

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Only one bastion remains for the ranks of the faithful. The banner men are gathering in the halls of your homeland. Embrace this new era under the watchful eyes of the raven! I will not waste what small space I have here on frivolous words. Swain, the Master Tactician , has risen to power in Noxus, uniting the High Command beneath what any true Demacian knows to be his tyranny.

In these grave times, Demacia must stand alone. We can rely on nothing but our own ideals, our own convictions. We must stand against the conniving greed of the Institute of War and the endless bloodlust of the Noxian war machine. Our light, just and true, must drive back the darkness. Stand proud, citizens, and strike at the heart of injustice itself. Greetings friends, Runeterrans, countrymen!

It is I, Ram Steed, and I have returned. Let me assure you that the rumors about me have been true — I have been silenced! Until now! You couldn't have fallen soon enough!

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Too bad you had to destroy this bastion of journalism on your way down, you snakes! Oh, all those months ago. And where was that action?

This reporter used his keen intellect and relentless investigation skills to dive straight to the heart of the matter — and I found it. Before I could bring this world-shaking news to light, High Councilor Heywan Relivash and his conspiratorial goons got me and laid the blackest of blackmails to keep me silent. No longer!

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Good riddance, Ralston Farnsley! McDaniel III was elected to the office of sheriff in Mere weeks before he took office, his father was senselessly murdered by serial killers. His tenure as sheriff began and ended in tragedy, but his faith in God remained uncompromised. I hope through the pages contained in this book, you will come to know and appreciate Johnny Mac as I do. He is an unforgettable character — a child, son, father, husband, friend, survivor, and the man behind the badge.

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He is a throwback to the days when a handshake was all that was needed to finalize a deal — a self-made, God-fearing man of courage. I am proud to call him my friend. He has joined Hutchison in making two presentations of The Story of Bob, one to hundreds of Grade 8 students in Abbotsford and another to the Abbotsford restorative Justice Association.

I haven't seen their joint presentation, and likely won't as members of the media are not welcome. That's a pity, as I can imagine the impact of the dual presentation, and suggest it should be mandatory viewing on public television for everyone in the world.

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Perhaps that will come. But what I can say is that I believe Katy when she says that Ryan "is extremely articulate, speaks well and speaks from the heart. And Katy has afforded Ryan the opportunity to do just that, and make something positive out of his life.

He appears to be listening. It is never easy to stand in front of school children and confess your greatest sin, never mind a slightly smaller group of adults all passionate and knowledgeable about the justice system. That, my friends, takes guts. So I take back the "gutless" part.

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And If Aldridge keeps on contributing to helping other young people avoid his tragic path, I might even take back the "puke" part. If not, I reserve the right to call my friend in Terrace. By now he might have some even better ideas.