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The World Special Olympic Summer Games are held every 4 years for competitors with learning difficulties. The British Team will consist of 6 riders with learning disabilities from across GB. Enthusiasm was the hallmark of the week long BHS Scotland Highlands and Islands Tour mid-October which comprised miles by car and four ferry crossings and the two flights to reach the more remote areas. In six days we worked towards creating a new committee on Shetland, liaised with the North Coast route in terms of road safety and provided equine CPD to three Scottish island veterinary practices.

It was a daunting ferry flight drive dash from the Hebrides to the Northern Isles, including Caithness. Skye first where fantastic area rep Sam Nicolson recommended accommodation, booked the venue and promoted this event; after checking into the guesthouse a visit to Portree Stables was in order to enjoy one of their lessons in action and a clipping session that was being carried out during the school holidays.

Dinner followed by an evening talk on the work of the BHS was a great success, before Derek delivered a very informative talk on a range of subjects relevant to horse owners on the Isle of Skye with lots of questions and discussion.

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Three new members joined up on the evening. We took the ferry from Uig to Tarbert on the Tuesday morning and then followed a lovely scenic route to Stornoway where the wind was starting to pick up. We were greeted by friendly volunteers at their amazing Lochside Arena for a valuable veterinary session with Derek, offering expertise on a variety of topics. We had the opportunity to meet up with a couple of the volunteers prior to the evening lecture, including the familiar Paul Phillips.

Despite the horrendous weather on Tuesday evening we had a good turn out for our BHS lecture where four new members joined up on the evening. We are looking forward to holding more events at Lochside in the future, and we loved the Stornoway hospitality. Wednesday morning was the 7am ferry to Ullapool then Wick with a pre-arranged meeting with NW to raise road safety concerns concerns on behalf of local members, where the route managers agreed to put dead slow fliers in each NW application pack — so good work there!

We also had time to fit in a yard visit with old friends at Achalone Activities before boarding the evening ferry to Orkney and experienced a rather rough crossing, where we met local BHS representative Katie Coward who was responsible for our Orkney itinerary. On Thursday morning, vet clinic with Derek Knottenbelt at Cruan Riding Stables we had an amazing turnout of 32 people coming to watch these clinics. Four more members joined up at Orkney. Thanks to all who organised the catering on the day — very much appreciated by all.

Following the lecture, we took the ferry back to Caithness for an evening lecture at the Highland College. Once again, we had a fantastic turnout and more members joining on the evening. Back into the car after this lecture, to drive to Aberdeen for a morning flight to Shetland on the Friday. We had a couple of hours before checking in for our flight on the Friday morning. We had a busy schedule on Shetland, which started with a visit to Houlls Horses and Hounds — the home of the Icelandic ponies on Shetland. This was an amazing experience being able to watch these beautiful horses being ridden — well done to all for doing an excellent demo ride for us to view their different gaits.

Whilst there, Derek offered some advice on a pony suffering from Alopecia. Thanks to Dorothy at Houlls Horses and Hounds for her hospitality. We also had the opportunity to see some Shetland ponies before heading to Lerwick.

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In the afternoon, Derek met with the vets at Shetland Vets at their practice in Lerwick to discuss various issues and cases. In the meantime, Susie and Jean another valuable volunteer got the hall set up for the evening talk. We managed to quickly check into our guesthouse before meeting for a quick bite to eat with many of the Shetland volunteers.

Shetland certainly won the prize for the best turnout and another four members joined giving us a total of 20 new members during the tour. On the way back to the guesthouse, we had the amazing opportunity to see the Northern Lights — this was fascinating. We left Shetland with plans for their own BHS committee.

One comment on Facebook summed the tour up: "Hi, that was an absolute fantastic evening tonight in the college. Very interesting and learned loads of new things. I'm delighted to be putting money towards such a great charity.

The first stages of the Equine Excellence Pathway, stages 1 and 2 gives you a good foundation to then continue further training or apprenticeships in any area of the equestrian industry. Your pathway may take you into anyone of these careers; veterinary, journalism, farrier, saddlery, business management, mounted forces, nutritionist, physio, dentistry, breeding, training and the racing industry. If you want to continue with the BHS education system, it is one of the best and most widely-respected in the world.

The welfare of the horse is at the heart of everything we do, and the BHS offers a Complete Horsemanship Pathway, the only qualification on the market that teaches you care, ride, and management. This pathway gives a comprehensive view of every element involving the horse and rider. What sets the BHS apart from other education providers is our mission to put the welfare of the horse into everything we do.

The reward for excellent horsemanship is working in harmony with a happy, healthy horse who is able to perform at the peak of his ability. To get started, visit bhs. The move, which is backed by the British Horse Society Scotland and the Kennel Club, comes after a several unfortunate incidents between dogs and horses. The A3 posters offer advice to dog owners and horse riders on how to act around each other. We will make use of them at the dog familiarisation days that we arrange for our members to help raise awareness of how dog owners — and horse riders — should behave.

Contact bhsscotland bhs. And where better to celebrate the contribution of the horse to the prosperity of Scotland than alongside the industrial landscape of the canals and mines with the shining statues of shape shifting water horses as back drop. The daylong event had a programme that ranged from truly modern fairy tales to the traditional equestrian heritage. Then the sort of heritage we are all more used to in BHS Scotland — our horse loggers, the Clydesdales demonstrating the heritage of the horse in farming, travel and industry as Benny Duncan and the Balmalcolm horses towed a barge along the Union Canal — a unique privilege to see in this day and age.

Police horses getting up close and personal were the icing on the cake for the public. The weather, the location, the crowds it is estimated that between 13 and 15 thousand people visited all conspired to reignite so many with our human inherent love of; and the pure magic of the horse. Carriage rides and pony rides were open to all although the queues were so long that -with horse and pony welfare in mind — many people were disappointed.

If there was ever an event to remind is of the vibrancy of our sector and the need for the local riding stables — then this was it. A traditional carousel; so colourful with horses flying to the music of a hurdy-gurdy; straight out of Mary Poppins, was busy all day too.

This truly was the sort of day that money simply cannot buy. Transport Scotland has been good at forming a non-motorised users group of which BHS plays an active part. In three of the BHS Scotland areas, we held open nights for aspiring new members and committee members. These areas were Highland South, Central and Fife. National Manager of Scotland Helene Mauchlen gave a presentation on what the BHS does and Julie provided an insight into volunteering and her own 10 year experience with the Ayrshire committee.

If you think your area would benefit from an open night, or if you want to learn more about your local committee, contact julie. It is targeting vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, children and horse riders, with the knowledge needed to stay safe while highlighting how these groups can safely co-exist with other traffic.

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Over the summer months, the Dumfries and Galloway Area of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service SFRS are attending various events including agricultural shows, to ensure the message is heard, with a particular focus on horse riders who routinely use rural roads. Unfortunately, over the years there have been a number of serious incidents involving horse riders. Or Dead Slow? At Dumfries Show, the animal rescue horse that is normally used for training for large animal rescue by the Dumfries and Galloway Area of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service SFRS , was on display to show the hi-viz clothing kindly donated by Equisafety.

Slow down to 15mph 2.

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Be patient, don't sound your horn or rev your engine 3. Pass wide at least a car's width 4. Drive slowly away. The wet weather didn't deter enthusiastic rider on this special and scenic route. In our quest to demystify modern technology with equine welfare in mind we were joined by a trio of experts; Dr Caroline Benoist Manager of Research and Education Neue Schule Ltd and The Academy gave a presentation about bits and bitting including the physiology of the equine head, scientific research on comfort and efficacy and innovation in this field. We were also joined in the outdoor school by riders from three disciplines, BRC, eventing and dressage where we analysed tack choices, performance and appropriateness.

The challenge of not yet having a proper Equine ID system to underpin good health and welfare was also a recurring theme. The afternoon was run by the Donkey Sanctuary; interesting research on how all equines use shelter against the weather and flies was delivered by Faith Burden and Vet Anna Harrison gave an informative presentation on how donkeys are different. The event was riveting from start to finish with good Fife hospitality on offer. Download the document here For more information email Helene Mauchlen. Patrick and his demo riders walked the candidates through all practical aspects of the exams, and gave everyone a shot at teaching a lesson.

Thank you to all demo riders, Wellsfield Farm and Patrick. Every year people have an out of hospital cardiac arrest in Scotland, which is about 70 each week. People living and working in rural areas are particularly vulnerable. Well done to the winning team - "Neigh Bother" and to the runners up "Highlanders" and for everybody taking part. I am part of an amazing team of people who care deeply about the wider world and this is as much their recognition as mine. It is simply amazing to be recognised in this way.

Plans for the 7th edition of Vets with Horsepower are already underway! BHS Scotland would like to congratulate our wonderful Chairman on this well-deserved honour!! Caroline Taylor Smith tragically lost her life in a car accident and she was an inspirational young lady whose kindness and generosity touched many young people. Caroline was also one of the first young people who has been supported through her journey with Stable Life and she meant so much to everyone on the project and touched so many others hearts in her role as a peer mentor and volunteer with Stable Life.

Caroline was an advocate for young people and understood the challenges of dealing with anxiety and she showed great understanding and empathy for other young people who were struggling with personal challenges in their life.

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She also volunteered with RDA and gave so much to others and shared her love of ponies. Pandora brings sunshine and joy to young people at Stable Life and she is a living reminder of a special girl who everyone at Stable Life misses so much. Sue was nominated for this award for her outstanding commitment to the welfare of our horses here in Scotland. She has been training, coordinating and advising Scottish Welfare Officers for many years and never hesitates to get involved. Once, Sue had been told of a field of where highland horses were grazing with ragwort in. Undaunted, she endeavoured to pull the field of ragwort by herself over a number of weekends in the blazing sun.

Just one of many stories that showcase her devotion to the cause. BHS Scotland received a wonderful double helping of Yogi Breisner; retiring British eventing team coach at the end of November, when a master CPD delivered inspirational exercises and straightforward equitation philosophy at the Scottish National Equestrian Centre for nearly 75 coaches and a preceding evening event was held where Yogi shared his Rio Olympic Journey.

His amusing presentation covered the chronology of being a performance manager from before the games are even announced to having a team complete and return home. The challenges of planning, climate, geography, accreditation, selection and logistics and of course funding were all covered in his talk about the journey to the Rio Games.