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Mueller directly charged Russian hackers in a separate case in the same D. The judge also rejected Stone's motion to see a report conducted by Crowdstrike, the private cybersecurity firm deployed by the Democratic National Committee to look into what happened in Russia's hack attack on its servers.

Stone had asked to get the document from the government but that was moot, Jackson ruled, since DOJ said it didn't have a copy. The DNC did deliver the report to the court under seal, and Jackson said after reviewing it that it should remain under wraps because it wasn't relevant to the false statement allegations Stone faces.

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In addition, it also contained materials related to the DNC's ongoing efforts to secure its servers. Jackson's decision on the Crowdstrike report came just minutes after the White House released a summary of a July phone call where Trump asked the president of the Ukraine for a "favor" to investigate the cybersecurity firm over its role in the hacking. The call, which is now at the center of the Democrats' impeachment effort, reflects Trump's erroneous claim that the company is based in Ukraine when it actually was founded by a Russian-American and headquartered in California's Silicon Valley.

Similar to the shot put , the stone put more frequently uses an ordinary stone or rock instead of a steel ball. The weight of the stone will vary from 16 to 26 lb for men or 8 to 18 lb for women depending on which type of stone put event Braemar stone or Open stone is being contested and also on the idiosyncrasies of the event mainly because stones in use have no standard weight.


There are also some differences in allowable techniques and rules. Robert Burns was keen on stone putting and apparently left his favourite putting stone at Ellisland Farm near Dumfries. If he saw anyone using it whilst he lived there he would call "Bide a wee" and join in the sport, always proving that he was the strongest man there.

As with most aspects of the Scottish Highland games, and Scottish Highlands culture generally, a certain amount of legend has grown around the origins and antiquity of the stone put. Michael Brander, in his book Essential Guide to the Highland Games, reports on some of the stories concerning the stone put which have become traditional. He discusses what have become known to tradition as the "stones of strength" which were of two types. In one, the Clach Cuid Fir or Manhood Stone , a very large stone of well over lb is employed and the test is to be able to lift it to a certain height or place it on a wall.