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Raggedy Kingdom: Raggedy Ann Turns - Raggedy Tree

Outdoors or in. Smelling of Roses Ready to hang, a novel way to direct people to the toilets mayb in a pub or hotel. Sturdy outdoor ring Apart from using these on doors or walls they also make excellent family grave wreaths. The Old Rake Suitable for outdoors.

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Making Hay Suitable for outdoors. Digging a Hole Suitable for outdoors. Conventhill Shopping Centre Displayed on gable end. Mini rings Christmas decorations.

In the pink For weddings, Christenings, Christmas andmany more celebrations. Could be keepsakes too. Christmas rose pine cone Suitable for hanging on a Christmas Tree or adding toa floral display. Wedding Screen A metal 3 piece screen. Rose decorations and keepsakes For weddings, Christenings, Christmas andmany more celebrations. Serviette holder For weddings, Christenings, Christmas andmany more celebrations.

Table name holders Circa 3 to 4 inches in height. Gift wrapping Bows and roses. Gifts Brown paper packages tied up with string and Rose broaches. Table decorations Servette rings. Roses Multi coloured Roses. Gift wrapping Wrapping Roses for gifts. Pink flower Recycled metal flower. Blue flower Recycled metal flower. Soft small flower Circa 35 cms in diameter, suitable for outdoors. Circa 1 metre diameter flower Recycled metal flower. Blarney Castle Co Cork A circa 1 metre diameter main flower. Botanic Gardens Dublin Circa 11 metre vine of flowers. A mega flower Metal wall haging flower. Welcome Ring Great as a gift.

Multi coloured ring A welcome ring for a door or wall decoration, indoors or out. Retro welcome ring Circa 34 cms in diameter, suitable for outdoors. Pine cone Ring Metal welcome rings with Christmas in mind. Welcome Ring Good for weddings and other celebrations. Rose Tree Close upp of Roses. She could hear her parents talking in the kitchen so she hurried along the hallway, stopping to look first in the lounge and then in the dining room. But there was no Christmas tree in either of the rooms. Perhaps daddy had hauled it into the kitchen.

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But when Jenny walked into the kitchen, her mum and dad were sitting at the table drinking tea. And baby Wills was playing on the floor. And there was no Christmas tree to be seen. Jenny nodded yes. Jenny frowned some more. Or was it? Jenny said goodbye to baby Wills, who could now wave goodbye back to her, and then she kissed her parents and hurried out the front door and into the pouring rain.


Grandma Lily had once told her that your mind could play tricks on you. It could make you see things that were not there just because you wanted to see them. They were covered in needle leaves and they looked just like small Christmas tree branches. In fact, they were definitely Christmas tree branches! She went to pick up one of the tiny sprigs, but Grandma Lily called her to hurry up before she got soaked. So Jenny hurried into the car and fastened her seatbelt. And then the tree not being there.

So Jenny thought about the rhyme:. So she started to feel a little excited all over again. After supper Grandma Lily showed Jenny how to wrap Christmas parcels. Grandma had lots of ribbon and sticky stars and labels and she let Jenny use as many as she wanted. Grandma said it would be best if they wrote the cards tomorrow morning because it was almost bedtime and if Jenny went to bed now there would be time for a long story. Grandma kept them all in her head. It was a great story.

And Jenny retold it to herself as soon as the light was out. When Jenny woke up the following morning, it was still dark outside. And Christmas is in the middle of the winter.

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And just before Christmas each year the days are the shortest of all. Jenny sat up and switched on her bedside lamp. She could hear Grandma Lily calling her from downstairs. And she could smell bacon and egg and buttered toast. But there was more than just breakfast waiting for her. What a lovely surprise! Jenny thought that her grandma must have decorated it after she went to bed last night. So Jenny ate her breakfast and then wrote out her Christmas cards next to the little tree and was pleased that at least there would be one Christmas tree this Christmas.

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  7. Later that day, Grandma drove Jenny back home in time for lunch. It was dull and rainy outside. As soon as Jenny was inside, she pulled off her coat and hurried through to the kitchen.

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    Grandma Lily and Mr Berry followed her in. They were talking about the weather. Grown-ups did that all the time. Jenny hurried over to kiss her mother. Then she looked around her. There was nothing in the least bit Christmassy in this kitchen.

    Raggedy Princess

    Nothing Christmassy anywhere. And now there were only eight days left before Christmas. And get my spectacles. I think I left them on the arm of my chair. So Jenny hurried through to the lounge. But when she opened the door, guess what she saw. It was almost as tall as the ceiling and it was covered in lights and bells and coloured balls, and tinsel and chocolate decorations and loads of little ornaments that Jenny remembered from all the years before.

    It was standing in a brand new Christmas tree stand. And there was a huge silver star right at its very top. Jenny walked right up to it and just stood there looking up at the star in amazement. It was Daddy. And his spectacles were there, perched on his nose. And Grandma Lily was absolutely correct. This was the most interesting Christmas Jenny ever had. And it was all to do with Raggedy Lyme. But that is another story …. Skip to content. She saw the best Christmas tree ever. Share this: Twitter Facebook.