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Return to Book Page. It was a war. It was a duty. It was not a choice. Now, the men have returned to England. Nothing has changed, but everything is different. Will they find love in the women strong enough to help them battle their inner demons? Regimental Heroes Series Vol. The Duke and the Lost Night - Amelia arrives on the doorstep of her childhood friend, the Duke, in the middle of the night with an outrageous plan.

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Will Spencer do what she desires and go along with her idea, or does he have a very unexpected plan of his own? He holds himself responsible for the death of the younger brother of the woman he loves. Will Adeline be able to unearth the truth as romance and intrigue deepens? Is she strong enough to help Clarke come to grips with the emotional damage and nightmares which plague him?

The war that left him near death and forced to walk with a cane. She is not the spoiled, rich girl he knew. Damage is not always external. Some is inside the soul. Will Callie and Ellis rekindle the mutual attraction they once shared and be able to work through their wounds to give love another chance? Review: Ms.

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Conner strikes home with her Wounded Nobleman. Her battle scarred, Victorian hero connects with the modern reader's empathy for fighting men of all eras and what it takes to help heal them — Chris Karlsen Redemption for a Rogue - Told by everyone, including his father, he is slow-witted, Lord John Mitchell is willing to do almost anything to avoid helping run the family estate or care for his orphaned nephew.

His lifelong battle learning to read and write has convinced him his father is right. After the death of her husband in the Crimean War, Vivienne Ravenhill needs financial stability for her son and herself. Will Vivienne find a place in his home An interesting look at tackling dyslexia in Previously published as The Regimental Heroes boxed Set Get A Copy. Paperback , 2 , pages. Published March 6th by Books to Go Now first published More Details Regimental Heroes. Other Editions 2.

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I really enjoyed this book being an anthology. The stories are each different enough to keep your interest. May 26, Tanya Vought rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads. I enjoyed this Anthology! This book has 4 short stories regarding War Heroes and then their wonderful ladies to try to get their HEA. Each man whether in the first or last story.. Whether it be physical, mental something is going on with them since they have been at war.

Each of them don't have anyone in their lives to help support and encourage them. Most of them only want the one woman they thought they cou I enjoyed this Anthology! Most of them only want the one woman they thought they could never have! So, they are alone and afraid and have no one to talk to Ha, right?! Each man eventually will get to their women..

They bring light, support and love to these wonderful heroes who are terribly broken. When the Empire discovers the Rebel base on Hoth, Luke leads his squadron to battle a swarm of AT-ATs , but he is forced to retreat when his wingman is killed. Escaping in his X-wing, he travels to Dagobah and meets Yoda.

He undergoes rigorous Jedi training, quickly increasing his power in the Force. During his training, Luke sees a vision of his friends in danger. Against both Obi-Wan and Yoda's advice to complete his training, he travels to Bespin to save them, only to be lured into a trap. He engages in a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader. As his mentors warned, Luke proves to be no match for Vader; the Sith Lord overpowers Luke and severs his right hand. Horrified, Luke throws himself into a deep reactor chasm. He survives, but is pulled into a garbage chute to the underside of Cloud City, and left hanging onto a weather vane.

Leia, flying away from Cloud City in the Millennium Falcon , senses Luke's peril, and turns the ship around to save him. Aboard the ship, he hears Vader telepathically telling him that it is his destiny to join the dark side. Luke's severed hand is replaced with a bio-mechanical one. One year later, Luke is now a Jedi Knight, [9] and has constructed his own lightsaber.

Luke offers to negotiate with Jabba, who rejects his offer and casts him into a pit to fight a rancor. When Luke kills the rancor, he is sentenced to death in the Sarlacc Pit. Luke escapes with R2-D2's help, saving his friends and destroying Jabba's sail barge. During his return trip to Dagobah, Luke learns from a dying Yoda that Vader is indeed his father. Luke then learns from Obi-Wan's spirit that he has a twin sister, whom he immediately realizes is Leia.

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The Jedi Masters tell Luke that he must face Vader again to finish his training and save the galaxy. Arriving on Endor as part of a Rebel commando squad, Luke surrenders to Vader in an attempt to bring his father back from the dark side of the Force. Vader brings Luke to the second Death Star orbiting around Endor, where his master, Emperor Palpatine , tries to tempt Luke to the dark side. Luke momentarily lashes out at the Emperor with his lightsaber, but Vader blocks his strike, and father and son once again do battle. Luke keeps his emotions under control until Vader senses that Luke has a sister, and threatens to turn her to the dark side if Luke will not submit.

Luke snaps and brutally overpowers Vader, severing his father's mechanical right hand.

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The Emperor orders Luke to kill Vader and take his place. Luke glances at his own bionic hand and realizes that he is on the verge of suffering his father's fate. He casts his lightsaber aside, declaring himself a Jedi. Furious, the Emperor tortures Luke with Force lightning. In agony, Luke calls out to his father for help; unwilling to let his son die, Vader kills the Emperor by throwing him down a reactor shaft, but is mortally wounded by the Emperor's lightning in the process. As Rebel fighters head toward the Death Star's main reactor, Luke removes Vader's mask and looks upon his father's face for the first and only time.

The redeemed Anakin Skywalker assures Luke that there was good in him after all, and dies. On Endor, Luke cremates his father's body on a funeral pyre. In the first installment of the sequel trilogy, The Force Awakens , the opening crawl reveals that Luke Skywalker had mysteriously vanished some time in the 30 years following the events of Return of the Jedi.

Luke went into hiding after his nephew and apprentice, Ben Solo, turned to the dark side and was later dubbed Kylo Ren. When Ren killed all of his fellow apprentices and ushered in the despotic reign of the First Order , Luke felt responsible, and disappeared. At the end of the film, the Resistance manage to reconstruct a map, which traces the location of the temple from the Empire's archives to his location, and he is subsequently found on the planet Ahch-To by the young scavenger, Rey , who presents him with the lightsaber previously wielded by both Luke and his father.

After some persuasion from R2-D2, Luke starts training Rey but grows increasingly afraid of her power. Luke tells Rey that he had briefly considered killing the sleeping Ben after seeing a vision of the destruction he could cause, but immediately relented; Ben woke to see Luke with his lightsaber drawn and turned to the dark side because he felt betrayed. Rey urges Luke to help her redeem Ben, but he refuses. When Rey leaves, Luke is visited by the spirit of Yoda, who assures Luke that he still has a purpose.